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Holding On
By: Dani Royer (
Rating: PG
Category: Episode Filler, Romance
Spoilers: Up through Bringing Home the Beacon
Summary: Aeryn tries to hold on while in Scarren captivity. Very Short.

Aeryn awoke in a lonely cell. Her body ached, but she couldn't remember exactly what had happened. It all just seemed a blur and right now, her pounding head didn't want to recall any of it. She was semi-grateful for that. It was foolish for her to go against such odds, but she'd been known to do some very foolish things over the last four cycles.
Immediately, John's face came to mind. The biggest fool of them all, she thought. She would have smiled, but even that hurt. Did he know she was even gone yet? The Scarrens had showed her the copy, and it did look and sound like her. John knew her well. He'd put it all together. She could only hope he'd already picked up on the clues.
For a moment, she let herself focus on John. His blue eyes had the look he'd always give her during those special moments. She also pictured him smiling. His voice echoed in her head.
"I'll never leave you. I love you."
If he wasn't already, he would be on his way to get her out of here. Her…and the baby. Unconsciously, she lightly rubbed her abdomen. No matter whose child it turned out to be, John had accepted it as his. The child was Aeryn's and he took her with all she came with, child included. John was going to be the true definition of father. No denying it, he was coming to get them.
Aeryn slowly stood up and tried to ignore the new pains that sprung up from the action. If John and the rest of the Moya crew had any chance to get her out, she had to do all she could from the inside. Escape on her own was unlikely, but she needed to survive and learn as much as she could about her captors. The real torture hadn't begun yet. The Scarrens had been playing with her before…testing her. She would get out of this. She just needed to hold on until…what was that saying John always used?
"Until the cavalry arrives. Hold on until the cavalry arrives," Aeryn whispered to herself.
A noise made her look to the left. The door to her cell was opening to let in two large Scarrens. She brought back the picture of John's smiling face as they approached her. She clung to the words the image sent to her.
"Hold on. I'll never leave you. I love you. Just, hold on for me."
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<hands over lots of fic cookies>

I resisted reading this because of the idea you came up with in chat, but I took the plunge and I'm so glad I did. Nicely done.

It's non-specific (like you promised :)) and rather hopeful. If she can hold on...

I have the feeling it's gonna be bad for awhile, but it'll get better. This story helps.

Thanks for writing and posting it.
tyty. *gobbles up the cookies*

I don't think I'm capable of writing explisitly of Aeryn being raped.

It's all gonna be okay. Johnny's gonna come a rescue his love and the baby's gonna be fine and they're gonna live happily ever after dammit!

Glad ya liked it!