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Rules and round one

Harou all. Tis Davaidah here. one half of your spiffu moderators. ::waves to gypsy::

Here we go. It's time for everyone's favorite game show! Let's fake an orgasm!!! erm, no. This isn't rocky horror. NM.

The Rules:

1. I'll start with a question. Yes. This isn't just quotes, we've decided to include general trivia. I'll start with a question. All guesses will go in the comments.

2. The guesser of the correct answer must wait till the poster of the question has replied to them telling them they are correct. The floor is passed to the first correct answer.

3. All new questions should be nwe posts, not in the replies.

4. remember. No getting pissed off and flaming if you didn't get the correct answer or if someone was quicker than you were.


and to start this baby rollin.

The shipper's better get this correct. or I'll hunt ya'll down and kick yer asses.

Q1. Name John's sister(besides Olivia.)

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