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*wavilly* Anou, My twinny Vai ish on here and well, I just joined for the heck of it. And as a way to procrastinate.

Erm... yessu. I'm a Leo and yeah. Blah. Off to do something.

*sits and waits* I can't think of something... erm, maybe watch some farscape and spaz over shippyness.

*waves* Well, I'm gone again and baibai and such.

Oh lookie. Naked man in the pic.

Ohlyho, (that's not an excisting word. snort. I dunno where it just came from) I forgot to intro myself!

Erm, yeah, well, gave up on tv, occasionally watch Angel and Charmed and CSI. Saw X2 last week. Yum. I used to write fanfic, but my ficmuse went off on vacation and such, so did my vid muse (Vai? I doubtr this vid thing on Gackt music will ever get started) I ship for snort, anything that moves.

Yessu, now I'm *poof* gone.
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