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I'm relatively new to this community and am a part of 3 other FS LJ communities (farscape, farscape_fans & scapers as well, so I apologise if this message come up mulitple times for people on the other lists.

I'm from Australia and have only just managed to get back into the show (a little late, yes..but at least I'm back), the only full season I've seen is season 1, because even though the show was made here..the networks decided to screen it very rarely. I can't wait for the season 2 dvds to come out here (May 7th!) and thankfully season 3 has just begun on FOX8 (cable) I'm gaining quickly on missed eps. And of course I'm already a huge A/J Shipper (how could you not be?)

I look forward to chatting with fellow scapers about the show :)

Oh, I'm not sure how many of you know about fanlistings, but, I have 2 Farscape episode fanlistings opened which you are all welcome to join!

* Through A Wormhole - the "Premiere' fanlisting
* Because I Love You.. - the 'Season of Death' fanlisting

And of course I've also jumped on the my fandom icons bandwagon along with many others and you can view my FS icons & snurch them here

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